Screw No. 419 ~ Sir Spyro, Chino Amobi, Ja Rule.

I reviewed a track by New York based Chino Amobi (previously Diamond Black Hearted Boy) a couple of weeks ago and he bleeped on my radar again last week with a particularly mutated and gloomy take on r’n’b, ‘NEW YORK WILL NOT SAVE YOU’ is mordant and knackered to fuck and the accompanying video maintains this ‘couldnt be arsed anymore’ facade.

Meanwhile Sir Spyro takes it down to gut level, sparse and menacing ‘Tekkerz’ is one for the nightcrawlers – hoods up fella’s.

Finally for the day thats in it here’s a recent classic for the party your about to have.

Sir Spyro ~ Tekkerz [Instrumental]

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Screw No. 418 ~ Thom Yorke’s Soundtrack For New York Fashion Week

Thom Yorke New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week kicked off on Monday. The show is not something that I would usually follow, but the fact that Thom Yorke has composed an original soundtrack to accompany English fashion label Rag & Bone’s show, was something that caught my attention. It turns out Yorke has been writing original pieces for Rag & Bone’s New York shows since 2011.

The track entitled “Villain”, features chilling spectre-like vocals by twelve members of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, which float over Yorke’s haunting melody. Watch the live video of the show here, with Yorke mixing into a jump up version of Rhythm Controll’s “My House”

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Screw No.417 ~ Chino Amobi

Something rather strange and unsettling on this Friday’s screw. Chino Amobi’s ‘Mimesis as Threat’ is like some nightmarish soundtrack to an imagined tv/internet montage of our bombarded minds, a day in the life of one humans consumption of visual and auditory data narrated by some shadowy MC figure spitting fragmented and cryptic call out’s.

It seems to describe a kind of dissociative state hinting at a dystopian present that we have yet to wake up to.

Chino Amobi ~ Mimesis as Threat

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Screw No. 416 ~ Akira


The year is 2019, thirty years after the war and near apocalypse that destroyed the city. Neo-Tokyo has risen from the ashes and become a dystopian mix of rampant materialism, authoritarian rule, terrorism, with an added dose of biker teen gangs with ultraviolence on their mind.

This was the blueprint that Japanese music collective Geinoh Yamashirogumi had to work with when they began writing the soundtrack to Akira. A film now widely regarded as one of the greatest animated films ever made. Geinoh Yamashirogumi were formed in 1974 and comprise of hundreds of members, coming from almost every section of Japanese society. They have two musical settings: faithful re-creations of folk music from around the world; or fusion of traditional styles with modern music technology. As you can hear from the soundtrack, for Akira, they chose the latter.


The film is centered around two friends, Kaneda and Tetsuo. Shortly after the opening of the film, we hear Kaneda’s theme accompanying the main bike fight scene, a scene almost as iconic as the film itself. The music is tribal, structured and rhythmic, and when the choral voices come in you get the sense of fearless confidence. On the other hand, Tetsuo’s theme conveys darker themes of uncertainty, fear, with a definite element of terror coming from the vocals and organ. Of course, when you watch the film all of this is abundantly clear from the two characters early on.

Doll’s Polyphony
Exodus From The Underground Fortress

I will leave you with the aforementioned bike fight scene. A combination of music and anime that got the hairs sticking up on the back of my neck, on my first viewing of Akira in almost twenty years. Enjoy.


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Screw No. 415 ~ Funk to The Dãm Funk, Gallant, Azekel, Alina & Etta.

You know I cant get enough of Dãm Funk. In a confusing world of refugee crises, media manipulation, blatant propaganda, knee jerk outrage, rampant desire, whimsical distraction (yes, whimsical distraction) and booze and women and constant emotional imbroglio, I find Dam Funk is the man that steers the life ship to calmer waters, blue lagoons and tropical utopias, it’s fantasy yes it is but the best kind. Why? Because who knows the aqua-line between fantasy and reality anyway and who gives a funk. God knows we all need that space to breathe. We continue.

Dam-Funk ~ We Continue

DaM-FunK ~ R I D E (Unreleased Demo)

Lets just drop the ‘alt’ and call it r’n’b shall we. Gallant, Azekel, Alina Baraz etc it’s all the same to me. I’m down with the self assuredness of expression whichever which way it’s expressed.



Gallant ~ Weight In Gold (Louis Futon Remix)

Azekel ~ New Romance

Azekel ~ Chronophobia

Alina Baraz ~ Art Of Persuasion(esta. remix)

Etta Bond ~ King To Be

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Screw No.414 ~ O Toronto

Broken Social SceneStill on holidays here in Canada and exploring the music that this great country has brought to our ears. This time with a focus on the new and the city of Toronto. Kevin Drew and his Broken Social Scene collective brought the indie scene here to the fore back in the mid-noughties. The collective still gig as separate entities around the city with the odd reunion now and again. The most recent being back in July at Pemberton Music Festival in British Columbia with the likes of The War On Drugs, Run The Jewels and Father John Misty.

Fast forward to the present day and there’s so much great new music on offer from Toronto based artists. Way more than a single blog post could do any justice to. Below are just a handful that grabbed my attention in meanderings on my brief visit here. With a savage playlist to boot.

Moon KingMoon King are Daniel Woodhead and Maddy Wilde. They started out as childhood best friends and have been creating sublime shoegaze dream punk since 2010. “I originally based it on three characters from popular culture: Bart Simpson, Peter Pan, and to a lesser degree Robin Hood. So the Moon King band is a group of merry tricksters — fun-loving but able to take care of some pretty serious biz,” explains Daniel Woodhead to Toronto based BlogTo. Check out “Roswell” below from their latest album Secret Life.

Lydia AinsworthLydia Ainsworth released her debut album Right From Real on Arbutus Records back in September 2014. Wainsworth is a composer, producer and singer whose experimental music has been described as lying somewhere between serenity and terror. Ainsworth’s haunting vocals harking back to Elizabeth Frazer and The Cocteau Twins on “Malachite” taken from Right From Real in the playlist below.

DOOMSQUADDOOMSQUAD are a trio of psych electronica siblings – Allie, Jaclyn & Trevor Blumas. They’ve described themselves as more of an “art project” than a band. The band’s latest release on Bella Union, Pageantry Suite, is a wonderful psychedelic symphony of horns, chanting harmonies and electronica vibes with a reverent nod in the diretion of Talking Heads. Check out “Apocalypso” from Pageantry Suite in the below playlist.

Fresh Snow Fresh Snow started out as an improv instrumental covers band in a bar on Toronto’s Bloor Street. The band keeping audiences on their toes, jumping from Nirvana to Kraftwerk and Mogwai. With their debut “I” focusing on a theme of anaesthesia, their upcoming WON, scheduled for release on Hand Drawn Dracula September 11, 2015 promises to be just as esoteric but no doubt a corker.

Mexican SlangMexican Slang are considered stalwarts of the Toronto music scene. Singer/guitarist Annabelle Lee told Toronto based BogTo that the idea behind the band is “essentially daydreaming about running away from my crappy life to live in the Sonoran desert. The music is supposed to be a hazy, noisy soundtrack for the head trip.” Billed as lo-fi garage punk. To me it sounds like Belly meets The Detroit Cobras. Refreshing to hear such noisey punk antics coming out of “Toronto the Good”.

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