Screw No. 412 ~ Julia Holter

Thank god for Julia Holter, a breath of fresh air in regard to the ever waning indie music scene. Her new single ‘How I feel’ flies, swoops and dives, propelled by her idiosyncratic vocal delivery, shimmering harpsichord and orchestration. Strings seem to gild the feelings and sensations evoked, reaching for transcendence and hinting at something mystical in the everyday, in this sense she apes some of Kate Bush’s more recent work. The arrangements are straight out of the Jack Nietzsche school of arrangement, particularly his work for Buffalo Springfield and Neil Young. Robert Kirby, arranger on many Nick Drake songs is also a touchstone here. Put this on repeat.

New album ‘Have you in my Wilderness’ will be out on the 25th of September.

Julia Holter ~ How I Feel

Nick Drake ~ Fruit Tree

Buffalo Springfield ~ Expecting to Fly

Kate Bush ~ Something in Between

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Screw No. 410 ~ Wife

Wife (James Kelly) is thoroughly contemporary pop music, occupying that liminal space between multiple genres that the best pop music occupies. Influences are clear in particular when it comes to rhythm and bass; Dubstep, UKG, while there are grimey reflections of the Industrial scene in here also – London duo Raime come to mind – mainly in the distortions and manipulation of the sonic textures yet tempered and softened by iterative guitar lines. Associations with label mate (he’s signed to Tri Angle for his debut LP) Holy Other in the vocal stylistics along with the Thom Yorke in some of the cadences suggest themselves, yet none of the above detract from the sense that this is new music that can be engaged with on it’s own terms.

WIFE – Shards

WIFE – Circles

WIFE ~ Trials

Raime ~ This Foundry

Holy Other ~ Yr Love

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Screw No.408 ~ µ-Ziq: XT

µ-Ziq is Mike Paradinas’ primary alias amongst a myriad of others over the years; in a music career that has been at the very heart of, what is for me, everything that is good and wholesome about modern electronic music. His Planet Mu record label has helped promote artists who have come to be synonymous with whole sub-genres of music e.g. Burial, Venetian Snares and DJ Rashad. His label has also been a home to many of Ireland’s finest electronic exports such as Solar Bears, Boxcutter, and Ambulance.

By coincidence, I recently dug out and have been listening to Paradinas’ µ-Ziq – Royal Astronomy album from 1999. So, it was a nice surprise today to find out that he will be releasing his first album since 2007. “XL” is the first offering from the album, XLP, which is a combination of two vinyl only EP releases in 2013 and 2014. The track opens with a piano and moog melody leading into some cheese funk over a gorgeous sonic layer, which all told wouldn’t feel out of place on a 70’s pop song. Or for that matter, as the opener to a mini mix with a few tracks from the aforementioned, and apparently Björk inspired Royal Astronomy album. Enjoy.

µ-Ziq ~ XT
µ-Ziq ~ Scaling
µ-Ziq ~ The Hwicci Song
µ-Ziq ~ The Fear

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Screw No. 407 ~ New Discoveries: Magic Fades et al


Some new musical discoveries this week off the back of this interesting article on the ‘Health Goth’ scene/aesthetic by the always interesting Adam Harper (aka Rouge’s Foam).
What is Health Goth
Coming across like a soundtrack to an 80’s teen romance flick montage sequence, LLLL’s ‘You’ is all shimmering and twinkling in it’s reaching emotionalism, while Magic Fades and Soul Ipsum’s ‘Zirconia Reign’ plays with new age and vaporwave tropes nothwithstanding it’s title – Zirconia being a commonly used Diamond substitute.

Total Freedom’s remix of Dat Oven’s Icy Lake feels like it could soundtrack some sort of paranoid doc on singularity, hints of label Raster-Noton’s machine aesthetic jump to mind while Drippin’s ‘Silver Cloak’ echoes the more technoid edges of UK Grime.

Finally Karmelloz’s ‘Recursive’ occupies liminal space between coffee table chill and purposefully on the nose romance.

Good stuff.

LLLL ~ You

Magic Fades and Ipsum Sphere ~ Zirconia Reign

Dat Oven ~ Icy Lake (Total Freedom remix)

Drippin ~ Silver Cloak

Karmelloz ~ Recursive

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